Activities & Interests

General Meetings

AWAR has a celebrated history of monthly general meetings at select venues with outstanding guest speakers. Ambassadors, artists, authors, doctors, economists, journalists, film personalities, and professors have spoken to our members on a wide range of important, stimulating, or sometimes just amusing subjects. Usually a luncheon, dinner or cocktail format.

In person general meetings are currently on hold due to COVID-19, but AWAR continues to offer outstanding General Meeting virtual content programming using the zoom platform.

Gala Events

Community-wide gala events are organized to raise funds for our designated charities. Held at some of Rome's most exclusive venues, these events provide a rewarding combination of elegant enjoyment and community benefit. Gala events are on hold due to COVID-19.

Other Virtual or Outdoor Activities

Ex Libris
The Ex Libris Book Club meets virtually once a month via zoom. The reading list is chosen by the group and includes prize-winning titles, books that have received good reviews or that are pertinent to the moment, plus the occasional classic. Each month there is a short informational presentation about the book and the author before general discussion.

Film Discussion Group
Each month the Film Group meets virtually via zoom to explore a film in depth. Before the meeting each participant views the film on her own.

Two to three hour walks (and hikes), in both urban and country settings. For the moment during the Covid era our monthly walks explore different Rome neighborhoods in depth. Anyone with reasonable stamina will be comfortable participating. The goal is exercise, fresh air, gorgeous views, good company. Once per month.

Join us if you love photography and want to expand your creative and technical knowledge. We go on adventures photographing the urban environment and landscape in and around Rome. Specific themes, like food photography are also explored. Once per month. Note: this group is open to anyone who loves photography including those who use an iPhone or other smartphone.

Wine Appreciation
Led by an accredited sommelier, the wine appreciation events are conducted via zoom and begin with a short power-point presentation on a wine topic. Each participant receives a PDF copy of this presentation so she can follow along on her own. It’s a great opportunity to learn about and taste wines of excellent quality. During Covid participants must purchase the wine for each tasting.

The following in-person activities are currently on hold due to COVID-19:

Advanced Cooking
We explore, in depth, recipes and cooking techniques. Once per month each participant prepares a recipe or cooking technique on her own, then the group meets via zoom to discuss the successes and failures. It’s a great way to up your culinary skills by sharing with the group. Join us if you have a solid culinary knowledge and want to take your skills to a higher level. Once per month.

Burraco is a very popular card game, rather like Canasta, played all over Italy by all ages, for pleasure or competitively in tournaments, and there are many website for playing online. AWAR's group plays purely for enjoyment, twice a month on the first and third Tuesday of the month.

Italian Glamour
The aim of this activity group is to provide special opportunities for AWAR members to learn, experience and enjoy the history, style, beauty and secrets of Italian Glamour. The group visits Italian ateliers and meets with designers and fashion communication experts.

Morning Coffees
Hosted by an AWAR member or held in a restaurant or hotel, these monthly gatherings give us a chance to see our friends, network and meet new friends.

Opera Appreciation
Led by a Juilliard maestro, opera enthusiasts preview the operas being performed at the Rome Opera House by viewing a DVD and discussing it, and also learn about the Rome production.

A fun Scrabble get together, meets once a month to play, socialize and enjoy a potluck meal. Significant others welcome, space limited to 12 participants.

Wine and Cheese Evenings
Wine and cheese are an important part of Italian culture and cuisine. These casual evenings bring members and their significant other together for congenial company and a relaxed evening with great wine and cheese.

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