Ettore Farrattini Pojani, Author

Ettore Farrattini Pojani is the heir of one of the oldest families in Italy, dating back to the 1200’s.  In the Renaissance three of his ancestors were bishops and had important positions in the works of Saint Peter’s Basilica in Rome, working alongside the most important artists of the time like Raffaello, Michelangelo, Bramante and Antonio Da Sangallo the Youngest.

The bishop Bartolomeo II Farrattini commissioned Sangallo to collaborate when Palazzo Farrattini was built in the family’s hometown Amelia, in Umbria.

The third bishop, Bartolomeo III was made a cardinal by Pope Paolo V in 1606. He built the Palazzo Farrattini in Piazza di Spagna in Rome, today part of the Propaganda Fide building. The street from this palazzo that leads to Via del Corso is named Via Frattina from the name of the family.

The Palazzo in Amelia is now a renowned boutique hotel, temporarily closed due to the 2016 earthquake damage and awaiting the permits and grants for the restoration.  A perfect moment for Ettore to dedicate himself to his passion for writing.

His first novel “Nisa a Woman her War” (Morlacchi Editore - Perugia) was published in May 2020, and was inspired by two WW2 journals written by Ettore's maternal grandmother, Nisa.

His second novel “Le nove vite di Tito d’Amelia” (The Nine Lives of Tito of Amelia) will be published in January 2021 by Armando Curcio Editore, in Italian. Ettore is working on the English translation, and he is also working on his third novel.

Ettore also has a great passion for music and owns an impressive collection of vinyl records. For many years Ettore wrote articles, interviews and reviews for RARO, a magazine that specializes in collectible vinyl records. Ettore also writes articles and reviews about musical theater in Rome for the Italian page of the American website

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