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AWAR Student Awards

  • July 13, 2018

To emphasize the importance of education for young people, AWAR has created two awards to recognize cultural achievements of graduating high school students at four prestigious international high schools in the city dedicated to this important objective. The awards are presented at the annual graduation ceremonies by representatives of AWAR. We congratulate the following winners of the 2018 awards and wish them continued success in their chosen fields of endeavor.

American Overseas School of Rome
  • Peace Through Knowledge - Courtney Green
  • Global Citizen Ambassador – Youngchang “Super” Chen
Marymount International School
  • Peace Through Knowledge – Carolina Grierson
  • Global Citizen Ambassador – Alexander Karl Herne
Rome International School
  • Peace Through Knowledge – Crystal Jewel Cagnassola
  • Global Citizen Ambassador – Melvin Otieno Odhiambo
St. Stephen’s School
  • Peace Through Knowledge – Maisara Mohamed Mahmoud Abdelaty Elkattan
  • Global Citizen Ambassador – Ciela Yari Courtright

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