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Dear Members,

Welcome back to a brand new exciting 2023-2024 AWAR season!

We are thrilled to host our annual opening aperitivo event at the exquisite Villa Taverna, residence of the US Ambassador to Rome. We have enjoyed a long lasting and important relationship with both the U.S. Embassy and U.S. Consulate in Rome that was greatly strengthened during the course of our last AWAR year 2022–2023.

We are particularly excited to hold our opening event at Villa Taverna this year as we have a brand new US Ambassador to Rome, Jack Markell, along with his wife Carla. They are both looking forward to welcoming AWAR to their Villa Taverna residence.

This year the AWAR Board chose to make this event complimentary to thank all our members for their support throughout last year. Last year AWAR made many great changes to our wonderful organization that has poised our organization for the future, and the modern and forward-thinking woman.

Change isn't always easy, but I’ve been proud and honored on how supportive the AWAR membership has been throughout the process of digitization, the move to becoming a green and paperless organization, and the updating of our Constitution and Bylaws and Practices and Guidelines.

Last year we had a wonderful cohesive and hard-working Board and I'm pleased that this year the 2023-2024 Board is equally so!
We have great plans for the coming year, including a goal of doubling our membership. We hope each and every one of you members will help us achieve this goal!

Warm regards,

Wendy Holloway


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